Home Bodybuilding vs. Bodybuilding at the Gym

Whether you have recently decided to start a bodybuilding program or you have been bodybuilding for years, it is easy to wonder if there is a significant difference between working out at home or in the gym. It turns out there are advantages and disadvantages to both. Let’s look at the major differences, between bodybuilding at home (comment construire du muscle rapide à la maison) or in the gym, as well as their pros and cons.

Bodybuilding at Home

If you have the needed space and equipment, such as dumbbells, a sturdy weight bench, a quality set of weights, and curl bar, you may want to consider working out at home. You also should have the knowledge needed to design workouts that will give you the results you are looking for.

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There are a number of benefits associated with completing your bodybuilding program at home including:

l Convenience: Instead of having to travel somewhere and plan your workouts based on your gym’s schedule, you can do your workouts whenever it is convenient for you. When you opt to do your bodybuilding at home, you have access to a gym 24/7. Plus, you get to pick the music!

l It saves money. Instead of having to pay a monthly gym membership fee, which can add up to thousands of dollars over the course of a couple of years, you can do your workouts for free.

l There’s no waiting. If you are a member of a busy gym, you may find that you spend a good bit of time standing around waiting for someone to finish with the equipment you need. This won’t happen at home.

l You have easy access to drinks and snacks you like. Many gyms have strict rules about bringing in outside food and drinks. However, working out at home means that you always have your favorite snacks and brand of water nearby. cliquez pour http://meilleurprogrammedemusculation.com/

There are also disadvantages to bodybuilding at home including:

l It can be dangerous. Unless you have a spotter or power rack, you run the risk of serious injury if you accidentally become trapped under a heavy bar.

l Equipment is expensive. If you don’t already own equipment, you will have to purchase it. This can get very expensive very quickly. However, it is also a great investment.

l For those new to bodybuilding, there is no one there to help you. You simply have to learn things, including the correct form, yourself.


Bodybuilding at the Gym

There are also advantages to working out at a gym including:

l Access to equipment. Chances are good that your gym is going to have an extensive selection of equipment that you don’t have at home. This includes a large range of dumbbells.

l It’s safe. At the gym, there is almost certain to be someone available to spot you. Plus, if you are new to bodybuilding, your gym probably has a personal trainer who can help you learn the proper form to prevent injury.

l It can provide motivation. Obviously you want to give it your all when you are working out around others, so a gym motivates you.

l It’s cheaper. This applies to bodybuilders who are going to have to go out and purchase everything they need for a home gym. In this case, the monthly membership fee will probably cost much less than you would spend stocking your home gym.

Disadvantages of working out at the gym include:

l A limited schedule. Unless your gym in open 24/7 365 days a year, you are going to have to schedule your workouts based on when they are open.

l It may prevent you from giving it your all. From getting distracted people watching and socializing to being embarrassed to grunt like you might at home, there are several factors that can decrease your intensity.

l Waiting and waiting. Your gym may have a ton of equipment, but there is almost certainly going to be times when the machine you need is going to be occupied, leaving you sitting and waiting.

Improving your fitness game


It seems that in the last decade, we’ve become more keen on physical exercise and fitness more than ever. From the times of ancient Greece where the fitness and physical readiness was valued just as much as mental progress we never cared so much about how our bodies, health and looks. It could be that the internet caused us to connect and then all those fitness freaks with perfect bodies and diets started popping out and infected the rest of the world with their crazy ideas. And it is working great. Internet is full of helpful advice on training, dieting and equipment, so we bring you some more for the collection.

slide-02-strength-trainingMental – get your head into the game. If you strive for real progress and results (and you should, while you are at it – don’t waste time, you will only be disappointed with partial results) you need to understand some things first. Good mind is a great foundation for the future training. Understand that training is not an hour a day that you sacrifice in order to look good. Understand that training is always on, that it is your lifestyle now and that everything you do regardless of the time of the day will have effect on your body. This will help you better understand and adapt to diets and workouts and make you a healthier fitness enthusiast or professional.

Grilled steak and vegetablesDiet – dieting is hard, if you make a big thing out of it. I always preferred terms like “eating plan” or “eating habit”. Diet sounds like something you do for four weeks of suffering waiting to be done with it so you can eat cake again. Understanding that the way most of the people are living and eating is wrong and harmful is much better, easier and healthier alternative. This way you will keep to your meal plan much easier. Eating slow-digesting carbs before workouts, a lot of protein after and generally making your plate more green and less white are the baby steps to becoming better you.

coffeeCoffee – here is a bonus pro-tip. For all of you coffee junkies out there who thought coffee is the black death – here are some good news. Newer research showed that drinking a cup (up to 400ml) of coffee and hour or two before workout will benefit you! It will give you more energy and allow you to burn fat faster then ever before.

Bonus reps – now this is a mix of mental awesomeness that our brains can do and hormone badassery. The bench-press-hug-jackman-workout-He1jWr-30092011__resizedtip is this: when working on the rep sets, get a partner to help you do a bonus couple of reps on your last sets. The aid should be minimal, but just enough to push you over to additional two or three repetitions. This few bonus reps that you do have an amazing effect on both your mind and body. Growth is increased and the mind is now convinced that you can do so much more. Just be careful not to overdo it!